• Activities related to production for all painting methods, with particular focus on the technologies for application of powder paints and powdered plastics.
  • Tests of the properties of liquid paints.
  • Tests of protective properties of paint coating systems.
  • Tests of anti-corrosive properties of metal and paint coatings
    in accelerated-ageing chambers:
    in salt spray (NSS, AASS and CASS);
    in artificial environmental conditions (SO2, UV and moisture).
  • Tests of coatings and verification inspections as part of QUALICOAT and QUALANOD quality systems.
  • Assessments and reports on the condition of corrosion protection of products, facilities and metal structures.

Design and implementation

  • Designing corrosion protection for metal structures and products.
  • Preparing design input for coating plants and surface treatment departments.
  • Advice on retrofit of powder coating plants and improvement of their performance.
  • Implementation of technologies for the application of paint and plastic coatings in accordance with the customer’s requirements.