Department of Protective Coatings

The Department of Protective Coatings conducts R&D, design, implementation and education activities and provides services. The Department works on the corrosion protection of materials and technologies for application of organic protective coatings, with particular focus on powder coatings and plastic coatings.

The scientific personnel of the Department include reputable specialists in protective coatings and corrosion protection. Their reputation is further reinforced by memberships in international associations that inspect coating plants (QUALICOAT1) and anodising plants (QUALANOD2).

Important areas of the Department’s work include the cooperation with Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne – a Polish electric utility. The Department prepares guidelines for the issue of technical recommendations and certification of liquid paints and coating systems used to protect supporting structures of high-voltage lines.

The Department includes the Laboratory for Tests of the Properties of Coatings and Paint Materials, which is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) (accreditation No.: AB 240). The laboratory conducts comprehensive tests of coatings and liquid coating materials for external customers (tests of physical properties of paints and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of protective metal and paint coatings).

1 QUALICOAT – international association founded in 1986, awarding the quality mark to paint coatings on aluminium products for architectural applications. The mission of the association is to introduce an international quality mark for painted aluminium products used for construction and architectural applications based on international standards for production of organic paint coatings.

2 QUALANOD – organisation assigning a quality mark, founded in 1974 by several national associations of anodising plants for construction systems belonging to the European Anodizers Association (EURAS) and European Wrought Aluminium Association (EWAA). The organisation is involved in maintaining and promoting the quality of the anodising of aluminium and its alloys.